The video's at the bottom of the page that are blacked out, were taken by my trainer The Lutterman Family of Horse Cave. If you click on where it says video on FB, it will take you to the link on FB and you will be able to view it. The Aaron, Allison and their children Ariel and Tristian Brooks are awesome trainers. The whole family not just one of them. 

SCF Walking By Faith, video is not mine, just wanted to show her off.  As her breeder, I loved seeing her video.. hoping to connect with her new owners.  Actually the video below is her and her bay sabino colt by SCF Merry Boys Bold Dandy

this is what the seller had to say.. Makes me so proud as her breeder.. I don't like seeing her for sale but I sure do like seeing what they had to say.  She was already sold when I saw this

Walking By Faith (barn name Faith) is a gorgeous bay mare standing 16 hands tall and is 7 years old. Here is a mare that I am in love with, she’s got it, what a Brain this mare has. She’s probably one of the most trainable horses to come through our barn. You show this mare something and she quickly learns it. She’s versatile, Faith has a smooth natural gait barefoot, walks on a loose rein and the best canter you’ll find on a horse period. We’ve done everything from trail rides, shooting off her, dragging things and swinging the lariat around here all to assure she is desensitized and believe me she is. Faith is sure footed, confident, traffic safe, dog safe you name it. I have 0 complaints on this mare and not one bad thing to say about her. Help your self to one of the good ones!

SCF Walking By Faith,... and her bay sabino colt by SCF Merry Boys Bold Dandy


Broodmare Herd


SCF Merry Moonlight Miss aka Missy 

She sold to a lady in NM

2016 Filly