We are excited to announce we have SIX mares bred for 2021 breeding season!!

He's Ebony and Ivory aka Slim (Frame Overo Stud)

Mares Bred:

Copys Dream Come True (black tobiano) aka Angel: LBD 5/2

Rhythm Master's Lady (sorrel) aka Lady: LBD 5/17

SCF Merry Boy's Dream (black) aka Stormy: LBD 5/18

Cool Kanani (perlino tobiano) aka Kanani: LBD 6/12 Sold In Utero

My Faith In Dixie, (buckskin sabino) aka Faith: LBD 7/8 Sold In Utero (unfortunately Dixie aborted her foal March 13th.. :( 

Go Boy's Katie Elder (black) aka Katie: :( Katie aborted her foal as well ..

Blueray Jose (Blue Roan Stud) aka Gringo, son of Indigo Blue

Mare bred:

Threat's Southern Dream (bay) aka Belle: LBD 5/28 

Mares not in foal:

Visions Blue Delight (blue roan) aka Bella will be bred to Slim for a 2022 foal.

Eb's Midnight Baby, (bay) aka Baby... 


Sure going to be an exciting year!!!

Stay tuned for the ride!!! 



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