Thank You Lord To You Goes All The Glory!

If you would like to be added to the foal waiting list please email me at or shoot me a text at 270-469-5779. 

I have a few changes in my mare lineup for 2024 foaling season. I retired Lady as she has given SCF many foals. I sold a few mares that I really didn't intend to sell but life happens and changes plans. I also added a young mare that I raised to the broodmare band and I traded for one as well. We are looking forward to the 2024 Foaling Season, it will be much smaller than SCF usually has but that is ok. I will be getting mares pregnancy checked soon, 8-15. which is always an exciting time!






Vision's Blue Delight aka Bella
TWH #20903463 Ee RnRn (Bella will be headed to TN in Dec.)

Cool Kanani TWH #21600092 AA Ee nTo

SCF Eb's Delight aka Ebby (daughter of Eb's Midnight Baby and SCF Kayleb's Buddy) (Oops breeding but boy what a cross!) TWH #22001607 Aa Ee

SCF Merry Boys Bold Lady aka Dolly (named after my 1st horse as a child) (Lady is her dam) TWH #22001643 ee nSb

My Black Voodoo Lady aka Fancy TWH #21501452 Ee RnRn

My Faith In Dixie aka Dixie TWH #20800778 Aa Ee nSB

SCF Colored By Moonlight (granddaughter of Slim out of daughter Cheyenne sold to KS) TWH #21800535 EE nSb nOv 2024 Planned Breeding to The Ultimate Wolf in TN. EE ToTo

Go Boy's Midnight Gypsy aka Gypsy TWH #2201165 ee

Rhythm Master's Lady aka Lady TWH #20202767 Dam of Dolly