Thank You Lord To You Goes All The Glory!

If you would like to be added to the foal waiting list please email me at or shoot a text at 270-469-5779. 

I have a few changes in my mare lineup for 2024 foaling season. I retired Lady as she has given SCF many foals. I sold a few mares that I really didn't intend to sell but life happens and changes plans. I also added a young mare that I raised to the broodmare band and I traded for one as well. We are looking forward to the 2024 Foaling Season, but it will be much smaller than SCF usually has but that is ok.

I have exciting plans for the 2024 breeding season.. we are fortunate to be able to stand Image Of Go Boy, an older stallion with foundation lines on his set of papers. I may just breed every mare I have to him.






Threat's Southern Dream aka Belle AA Ee Belle is bred back to Slim for a late May foal. Foal will be available In Utero. This cross has produced three solid bay's and one bay frame overo.

Cool Kanani TWH #21600092 AA Ee nTo Kanani is bred to Slim for a late May foal. Foal will be buckskin or palomino with 50% chance for frame overo and 50% chance for tobiano. This cross has produced two solid palomino's one buckskin frame overo and one buckskin tovero. Really nice foals, with good bone and conformation and natural gait.. and color is the icing on the cake!! Foal is available In Utero!

SCF Eb's Delight aka Ebby (daughter of Eb's Midnight Baby and SCF Kayleb's Buddy) (Oops breeding but boy what a cross!) TWH #22001607 Aa Ee
This beauty is bred to an Aa EE ToTo stud. So foal will be bay or black with 100% chance for tobiano! Foal will be available In Utero!!

SCF Merry Boys Bold Lady aka Dolly (named after my 1st horse as a child) (Lady is her dam) TWH #22001643 ee nSb I am excited to add this beauty to our broodmare band!! she is being bred to Image Of Go Boy!!! Foal will be black or red, with 50% chance for sabino!! Foal will be available if a colt, and not sure if a filly, would love to keep, but we shall see may also be available in foal. 

My Black Voodoo Lady aka Fancy TWH #21501452 Ee LBD 5-24, due in April        Foal is available In Utero!  She is going to be bred back to Image Of Go Boy

My Faith In Dixie aka Dixie TWH #20800778 Aa Ee Crn Dixie is open for the 2024 season, she is being bred to Image Of Go Boy!

SCF Colored By Moonlight (granddaughter of Slim out of daughter Cheyenne sold to KS) TWH #21800535 EE nSb nOv 2024                 Minnie is being bred to Image Of Go Boy! 

Go Boy's Midnight Gypsy aka Gypsy TWH #2201165 ee                                                          My breeding plans for this nice young mare with older lines is to breed her to  foundation bred Image Of Go Boy, a Ray Corum stallion!                                          It is truly an exciting time for Stoner Creek Farm!!

Rhythm Master's Lady aka Lady TWH #20202767 ee Dam of Dolly This sweet girl, will be 22 this year, I would love to get a filly by Image out of her!