Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls. They give us hope!”

— Toni Robinson

Welcome to Stoner Creek Farm!
God has truly blessed us with beautiful horses! I thank HIM daily for the life we live! We are a small family farm with a mission for breeding naturally gaited, quality, colorful Tennessee Walking horses the whole family can enjoy with a purpose, from the trail to the rail, the breeding shed and the  broodmare field.  We fell in love with the colorful frame overo and our passion is to breed those colorful horses with quality first. We are especially THANKFUL for our stallion, He's Ebony And Ivory, aka, Slim. He has proven himself over and over again with son's and daughter's all over the USA and also a gorgeous son in Germany! Slim throws uniquely colored foals, and you will definitely turn heads on his offspring! The best thing about Slim is that you will always have a quality foal, regardless of color. Check out our Foal Page to see all the foals and to see all of his offspring on one page check out Slim's Foals (I am behind on this page)
We are also passionate about the old bloodlines and try to breed one or two mares a year to preserve these old lines. We're always looking for stallions with old bloodlines to add to our list of stallions we'd like to hopefully breed to one day. We have had several offspring by some of the stallions standing at Ray Corum Stables in Bardstown, KY. So thankful we have one mare that we raised by Red Haired Stranger, he puts Roan Allen (Foundation Stallion) on his foals papers. Also two stallions we bred and raised that carry Ray Corum lines. One is in TN and the other in OH. We also have been blessed with an older mare Go Boy's Katie Elder, an old bloodline mare from Ray Corum Stables. So Thankful in having a small part in preserving the old bloodlines.  
Our horses are registered with TWHBEA and are bred for their wonderful dispositions, smooth gaits, and conformations first and foremost, and if we're lucky, an added bonus of color.  Ride them thru the week and show them on Sat. night!  We are located amongst the hills and hollows of Central KY, in Taylor County, near Campbellsville.   If you need directions to our farm, check out mapquest, address is 1775 Upper Stoner Creek Road, Elk Horn, KY. 
Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoyed your visit!!
 UPDATED 08.21.22
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