He's Ebony And Ivory, aka Slim, TWHBEA  #20601189.  Slim was bred by my friends and wonderful folks Lenny and Jim Hanser, of Silverwood, MI.  Slim says he just loves our KY winters!

Slim is a rare non fade black EXTENSIVE FRAME OVERO!  His dam is Art Delight by Art Musuem, who is by Prides Generator.  His dam (Art Delight) is a solid black mare with a star.  His sire's (A Trace Of Moonlight) sire and dam are both overo.  This is for those of you that are unfamiliar with the frame overo.  The book, HORSE COLOR EXPLAINED, by Jeanetter Gower, has a chapter in it about overo's, with six different pictures of overo's from a minimal overo to an EXTENSIVE FRAME overo.  Slim is almost identical to the EXTENSIVE FRAME picture.  There is also an article in the book EQUINE COLOR GENETICS, by Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD about the EXTENSIVE FRAME overo.  Dr. Sponenberg, writes: THE WHITE ON THIS HORSE DOES CROSS THE TOPLINE, AS IT WILL ON EXTENSIVLY WHITE FRAME HORSES.  Now with all the technical jargon out of the way, let's focus on what a wonderful stallion Slim is and what he can offer the TWH world!!  

Slim has the sweetest, calmest disposition that I've ever seen in a stallion.  He has good conformation with good bone.  A pretty head, that he passes to his foals, and they all get his disposition.. Sweet!!!  He will be out with the mares, and will leave them and come running to me.  He exhibits several gaits at liberty.  I can't promise spots, but I can promise a quality foal.  His foals are smart and quick learners.  Slim has been tested by UC Davis and is Eeaa with NO SABINO.


$350 LFG
$6 a day or $10 a day with foal by side.


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